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A Great Week 1

What an amazing display of talent this week! Wednesday we got to see the 8-10 division go at it and Saturday and Sunday we got to see the 11-13 and 14-17 divisions ball. The players did an amazing job! They really laid it all out there.

(Samir "Red" Guards Samarion "Green" this past Wednesday 8-10 Division game Samir was named Player of The Game)

The results of the games

*8-10 Red over Green

*11-13 Blue over Green Saturday

Yellow over Red Sunday

*14-17 Green over Red Saturday

Yellow over Black Sunday

(Levi Shoots a Freethrow at his game Saturday vs Green)

It is great to see the kids playing summer basketball again in Millville.

"Regardless of who wins, its all about giving our kids something to do. Although we aren't perfect. In hardened cities like ours you have to make a choice. Would you rather see our kids playing basketball or running the streets doing Lord knows what? As parents, mentors and coaches we are supposed to teach the youth through the wins and losses. Plus the experience is only going to be what we all make it collectively. I focus on the smiles on the kids faces and that's a big blessing. Forget all the extra stuff I just want to see the kids play." said Coach JT Burks

"Sweat, Blood and Tears"

"Sportsmanship the name of the Game"

"Noah Flashes the 3 sign for hitting the game winner in OT for his team."

It was a very impressive first week of games. The players really enjoyed themselves. We can still use a clean up crew, clock operators and those to keep the game


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