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"A SJ Juneteenth For The Ages"

Today was the 6th annual Tri City H.O.P.E. Juneteenth celebration and it was epic!

(Pictured the Two Organizers Left: Jerry Young Right: Terry Gould)

The great thing about the Juneteenth with Tri City is that they have been pushing this in the community before it became recognized nation wide. Todays event featured some great boxing, recreation, face painting , live music, dancing, live performances, black owned vendors and more! It was an awesome display of Black pride, Black unity and Black love. "Queens 2Be" (girls youth group) during their performance had everyone chant and repeat after them "I said I love being Black!" Which moved the people and was very inspirational and powerful.

Intense focus was on the face of the crowd while they watched the brave gladiators display their talents in the "Sweet Science" of boxing. "OOOOh's" and "AHHH's" rang out with every exchange. The youth stayed engaged in multiple ways from kick ball, baseball, flag football, boxing, dancing and just being kids.

Peace and togetherness was the vibe of those in attendance. Although, it was themed "Still Fighting for Freedom" the smiles on each persons face gave a feeling of comfort, love and freedom.

It is my belief that our kids seeing such unity and leadership with no turmoil will continue make our community improve for the better. Due to the fact it will inspire them to follow in the footsteps of trail blazers like Coach Gould and Coach Young. "Happy Juneteenth good brother!" "God Bless sis, Happy Freedom Day!!!" was exchanged by so many in passing. To sum it up the best I can is "Inspirational"!!! I really believe we did our ancestors justice today! Great job by all involved.

(Diversity is Key! This Photo expresses so much.)

(Far Left: New Boxing Program In Bridgeton Middle: Christina's Facepainting Far Right: Queens 2Be

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