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Gateway HBCU Tour Was Amazing

Carol Seabrook Green of Gateway developed a HBCU Tour around ten years ago to inspire local youth to pursue their higher education at a Historical Black College/University. Being an HBCU Alum herself of Morgan State. On the tour they got to meet other youth from all over South Jersey who are on their journey to find where they will attend college after high school graduation. They took a charted bus to Morgan State, Howard University, Hampton University, Elizabeth City State University, (Bonus) Duke University, North Carolina Central University, Clark Atlanta University, Moorehouse University (All Men’s), Spellman University (All Woman’s), Albany State University, Savanna State University. It was very inspiring to see the you be poured into by positive individuals who look like them, that identity with their struggles and come from similar backgrounds and communities.

To everyone who made this trip possible as you can see it was amazing and well worth it! The hotels were amazing, bus was comfortable and spacious and the kids had fun while learning!

For more educational information and opportunities reach out to JoAnn Williams Walters


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