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Millville PAL Play 60 Flag Football Unifies The Community

Hello Community, have you been wondering what all the buzz have been about on Foundry St on Thursday evenings in the 3rd Ward? Well it's nothing else but the return of Millville PAL Play 60 Flag Football after a year off due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

(Picture Of The Millville Raiders In Their Unity Circle)

Officer Rick Kott and others have done an awesome job relaunching the league after a year of uncertainty for so many people. The location they have chose for the games is a perfect spot for blending the community and making it more accessible for youth to walk or ride their bikes to make it to the field. One of the great things Of. Kott did this year is pair a police officer on each coaching staff. To encourage and promote unity with the community and and it's local officers.

“I love seeing an empty property that is owned by the City being used for such good! The Parks Department is excited to partner with Millville PAL to make flag football a huge success!” said Samantha Cruz, Manager of Millville Parks & Recreation

Unity- the state of being united or joined as a whole.

Diversity-the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, etc..

"If you read the definitions of unity and diversity please understand that is exactly what Millville PAL Play 60 brings to the community of Millville and I love it!" said Coach JT Burks of the Millville PAL Board

There is a great need from all of us to make sure we continue to support our local PALs as they try to make a concerted effort to keep our youth busy and off the streets. So when you get a free Thursday evening please come on out to see smiles, laughter, game faces, competitiveness, and togetherness all in one!

"This is our first year in the flag football program. I’m very pleased with how they put everything together. I feel it’s important that our youth are occupied with positive activities. It’s affordable, everyone has an equal opportunity. It’s a good feeling seeing them all come together and play a game they enjoy." said Jasmine Vargas a players parent

“Flag football this year has been very beneficial for my children. Due to Covid and sports being discontinued for a little while my oldest son was so overwhelmed. Sports is practically life to him. I was even unease & concerned that at his age, our neighborhood and him having too much time on his hands could lead him to other things. When I told him about the PAL flag football season starting up he was astounded. Not only did he join the team but my youngest 3 children wanted to be involved as well. It’s definitely been an great experience for all of them. I really thank Coach JT and the other PAL members for organizing the program and giving the children something to do, especially during this time!” Nia Goolsby parent of 4 players

To all the dedicated coaches, volunteers and staff! It's an awesome job you all do! Please stay strong and stay encouraged in good works.

Please residents of Millville get to know about your local Millville PAL they offer fishing, basketball, flag football, and other great things.

"Coach I'm so glad we have flag football because it gives me something to do so I can stay out of trouble. Other kids keep asking me to do negative things like join a gang and I don't want to this lets me focus on my game and do something good." Jeffrey Gross a player

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