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Monthly Feeding Program

"The Sutton 5 Serving The People"

"Community Love"

Positive Vibes Community Group monthly feeding program has been going on for the past three and half years. It is developed out of their H.O.O.D. philosophy Helping Our Own Destiny meaning it's up to us to do the work of God to take care of our fellow community members. We shouldn't have to be controlled by politics, religion, fame, or money to do the right thing by people. We can and we will. This is simply is acting like "ants". Although, they are so small, they are mighty when they choose to work together. Example I may have bread and you may have a burger if we pull resources we now can make a meal. We thank Alpha Omega Foods of 15 E Green St Millville for allowing us to host this program each month. 100s of people receive a hot meal due to this program. This program doesn't just feed the people but we conversate, laugh, cry and more...

Vice President Liddian (Left) Dancing To Some Reggae ☺️

#love is the most powerful force in the world

#Positive Vibes Culture, Love and Diversity


Venmo: Positive-Vibes-22

Cash app: $PVibes22

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