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Positive Vibes Celebrates Black History With Reading Challenge

You have all month! Send Your child's reading video to coach JT Burks for a chance for them to be entered to win the grand prize!

Hello community, for the month of February for Black History Month 📚 📚📚📚 Positive Vibes Community Group and Positive Vibes Youth Leadership Group will be doing a “African American Pioneer Reading Challenge” All your child has to do is pick their date, pioneer, then you will have to send me a short video of your child reading on their date 📖 and they will be entered for a chance to win 300$ or a new laptop. Drawing will be March 1st. First come first served. “Power to read! Power to achieve!” Super WHY?

“Read! Research! Challenge! Any and everything!” Coach

#Strong reading 🤔

#Literacy and reading 📖

“If You Can “C” You Can “See” is our philosophy that God has given all of us the ability to be average. “C” is for average. “See” is for once you realize that you can at least master being average you can build on your own potential and momentum. Also, it’s about learning through exploration and visual examples.

Ex: If a young African American can see an older African American as a police officer it can influence them to go in that direction themselves.

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