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School Incentive Program Enroll Your Student Today

Hello community, please enroll your students in our Positive Vibes Community Group Educational Incentive Program “If You Can “C” You Can “See” Program” we give out awesome prizes for Honor Roll students. Each marking period two names will be selected at random to get awarded for their hard work. 📚📚📚🐻👑🤔

“God has blessed everyone with the ability to be at least average. Hard work and dedication can help you build on that foundation. Once you realize this you’ll go from a “C” to a “B” to an “A” just on by building your confidence. In life if you can “See” average people, from humble beginnings doing great things you can envision yourself doing it.” Coach JT

We currently run a successful after school program in Camden, NJ

Students can be enrolled from anywhere city and state

Attn: ‼️Copy Form Link

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