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"wecant2wecan Fashion Show"

I consider myself a man with nerves and emotions of steel, but this event literally melted my heart! I constantly had to fight back tears from seeing how all those who participated were highlighted so beautifully. This fashion show was so well put together kudos to all involved. I loved to see the smiles on all the faces of the participants. Some of them waved, laughed, clapped, danced, posed, skipped and blew kisses. To everyone present we can tell the participants felt like superstars! There were two categories "Casual and Dressy". The kids were all coordinated so nicely.

"Booklets and Programs Handed Out At The Show"

wecant2wecan is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that publishes and illustrates books that feature kids with disabilities and special needs as superheroes! A portion of the proceeds made from the books goes back to a family in need. Check out their website for more! via Facebook

As a community lets keep supporting such important organizations!

"This was made possible by all of you this can not be pulled of without community support..." said the events organizer Trinity Jagdeo

"Supporters Flock In To See The Show"

This event shows the resolve that we as humans have if we get the love and support we need from others. I was so inspired by what one of the participants said "We may be different on the outside, but we are the same on the inside!" Yes indeed! I totally agree!

During intermission there was also some great musical performance's.

" Dez Childs Inspired The Crowed With Some Great Inspirational Songs"

"Carolina Rial Gets The Crowed Moving"

"Trinity and Senator Mike Testa Hands Out Awards To Participants"

Trinity and staff please be encouraged and keep blessing the individuals of our communities who are often left out, overlooked and forgotten. You are appreciated!

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