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Youth Leaders Monthly Meeting

Positive Vibes Youth Leadership Group

President Jerrell Burks

Mandatory For Officers

Madam Vice President: Henley Rivera

Chairwoman of Education, Strategic Planning and Critical Thinking: Henley Rivera

Vice Chair: Merrisa Manson

Co-Chairwoman of Youth Sports: Angeliya Cephas

Co-Chairman of Youth Sports: Jordan Couch

Board Cabinet: Azaziah Burks, Gary Jones, Amirah Cephas, Nyanna King, Jizelle Burks, Jayden Dayton, Juwell Burks, Joseph Jones, Zaiden Tull, Layla Couch, Patty Couch, James Lawson

Baby Bear Leader Trainees: 6-10yr Ozias Burks, Faith Evans

Youth With Businesses:

Lawson Vacuuming

Certified Chaser

Henley Sweats

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