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Positive Vibes is a belief that diversity is key to the success of our communities. We all are needed, equal and important. Our goal is to bring people together from all walks of life.  We want to be advocates for the youth to help them thrive. We will do this by fighting to make sure their parks, schools, streets, and home life are in the best conditions possible. We plan to make sure our youth and parents have the help they need to ensure a positive sustainable way of life.


In nature they say the keys to a healthy habitat is space, food,  water, and shelter. In knowing this to be true in nature. We want to encourage the same in our communities. We believe in order for kids to thrive. Their basic daily needs should be met. So we have to make sure their parents compliment what we teach. We want to give the parents options to be in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health as well. This will help the the youth to focus on being a productive student, athlete, and or citizen. We also seek to help them explore various elements of life through various educational trips, events, and more. 

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Proverbs 11:4 NIV 

For lack of guidance a nation falls,  but victory is won through many advisers.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We wish to engage with all walks of life, in efforts to inspire and enable all people, adults, and most importantly youth to maximize their greatest potential and become positive productive citizens in their communities.


Our mission is to successfully inspire to reach their full potential as productive, responsible, caring citizens. We seek to expose our youth to a variety of extracurricular activities with hopes of engaging their minds to grow in a positive way.

We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that educates & respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences. 


We will take various sustainable approaches to engage with the youth in our community. We believe in teaching and mentoring the youth through various creative educational activities & experiences. 

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Our Vision

We wish to have our participants achieve a 100% graduation rate, keep youth from teen pregnancy, repair parent child relationships, create future leaders and activist, put them on the path to learn a trade or attend college, and instill pride in our local communities,  encourage diversity. 

Meet Just a Portion of Our  Team

Our Team is diverse & we have many professionals who are parents & volunteers you will soon meet as well.

They consist of pyschologists, healthcare professionals, nurses, teachers, life coaches, fitness trainers, & so much more


JT Burks

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President & Founder

of Positive Vibes & Royalty Basketball

Positive Vibes Kings 2Be Success Coach & Director


Liddian Kinsey-Street

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Vice President of

Positive Vibes

and Educator


Mario Morales

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Success Coach

Director of H.O.O.D

Positive Vibes Outreach Program

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