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12-14 Division Game Schedule

(Week 1 May 14th)

12pm Saturday Bruce Vs JT

May 15th

6pm Sunday Levi Vs Zahir

(Week 2 May 21st)

12pm Levi Vs JT

May 22nd

6pm Zahir Vs Bruce

(Week 3 May 28th)

12pm Saturday JT Vs Zahir

May 29th

6pm Sunday Levi Vs Bruce

(Week 4 June 4th)

12pm Saturday Levi Vs Zahir

June 5th

6pm Sunday JT Vs Bruce

(Week 5 June 11th)

12pm Saturday JT Vs Levi

June 12th

6pm Sunday Zahir Vs Bruce

(Week 6 June 18th)

3pmSaturday JT Vs Zahir

4pm Saturday Bruce Vs Levi

(Week 7 July 25th)

12pm Saturday JT Vs Bruce

June 26th

6pm Sunday Levi Vs Zahir

(Week 8 July 2nd)

12pm Saturday JT Vs Zahir

July 3rd

5 Sunday Levi Vs Bruce

(Week 10 July 9th Playoffs Rd 1)

Game 1 1v4 4pm

Game 2 2v3 5pm

July 10th Championship Sunday 5pm

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