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14-17 Summer Basketball Schedule

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Positive Vibes 14-17yr


Coach Kemar: Black Coach Will: Red

Coach Pagan: Green Coach JT: Yellow

(left side is home team parents are responsible for table or 2 shot tec)

Week 1 Sunday June 20th

Black vs Red 3:30pm

Yellow vs Green 5:30pm

Week 2 Saturday June 26th

Green vs Red 6:30pm

Sunday June 27th

Black vs Yellow 6:30pm

Week 3 Friday July 2nd

Green Vs Black 6:30pm

Saturday July 3rd

Red vs Yellow 6:30pm

Week 4 Saturday July 10th

Yellow vs Green 6:30pm

Sunday July 11th

Red vs Black 6:30pm

Week 5 Saturday July 17th

Red vs Green 5:30pm

Sunday July 18th

Yellow Vs Black 6:30pm

Week 6 Saturday July 24th

Yellow vs Red 12:30pm

Sunday July 25th

Green vs Black 6:30pm

Week 7th Saturday July 31st Seeding week/Tie Breakers

1 Seed Vs 2 Seed 6:30pm

Sunday August 1st

3 Seed vs 4 Seed 6:30pm

First Round Single Elimination

Saturday Week 8 August 7th

1 Seed vs 4 Seed 1:30pm

2 Seed vs 4 Seed 2:30pm

August 8th

Championship Series Sunday ( Game 3 Monday If Needed)

ATTN: Two Games Will Be Played!

Game 1 2:30pm 11-13yr

Game 1 3:30pm 14-17yr

Game 2 4:30pm 11-13yr

Game 2 5:30pm 14-17yr

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