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"3 Young Scholars Acknowledged "

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Positive Vibes Community Group hosted their 5th Annual Team Josephine Scholarship "The College Signing Day Experience"

"Three Young Scholars"

Left Front: Markel Betterson Middle: Ty Murray Right Front: Gary Jones

Left Back: Mike Morton Middle: Jenneifer Webb-McCrae Right Back: JT Burks

Hello community, in a world of constant negativity being highlighted it is very important to highlight the kids who are doing positive things. Positive Vibes and Partners did just that by acknowledging three young scholar athletes this past Friday at the Millville Waterfront. This was the 5th annual year of the scholarship program. The program is in memory of Coach JT Burks's late grandmother Josephine Burks who would always tell her grandchildren "Keep God first, focus in school and appreciate your education and learn all you can it will take you very far. I had to drop out early to work." Quote from Josephine

We are glad that each year fellow community members pull together and donate a variety of gifts to make the day extra special for the young scholars. Not only do they receive gifts but they have their football registration paid for in full! The special thing about this year is that a scholarship was given to players from Millville, Bridgeton and Vineland! This is so great because it shows it is all about solidarity, unity and diversity

"Gifts Donated To The Scholars"

"We at Positive Vibes would like to thank the families of the three young men for allowing them to be a part of our 5th Annual #Team Josephine Scholarship “The College Signing Day Experience” and for the young men for being an inspiration and representing excellence in the classroom! Programs like this is one of the main reasons we at Positive Vibes exist. We want to always highlight those doing the right thing. Special thanks to Madam Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae Educator Michael LeRoi Morton Young Madam President Je’Nae Lawson for their awesome words of encouragement and support for the three young scholar athletes. Big thanks to our Sponsors! NJ Motorsports Park Millville RVC- Samantha Cruz Millville Police Athletic League Inspiring You Family Center - Niceman Willie Our Future First - Sean Thom Positive Vibes Community Group Wild Athletics- Forbes Valdre and to those who donated privately!" Positive Vibes

Madam Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McCrae Speaks To The Scholars and Their Supporters

Educator Mike Morton Speaks About The Importance Of Education

 "The College Signing Experience" 

Lisa Marie Gives Some Words Of Inspiration

Madam President Je'Nae Lawson gives her "Presidential Address"

" It is so awesome and inspiring to see the community show appreciation for these young students!..." Je'Nae Lawson

Lisa, Joe and Kirk reaches out to see how they can help the community

It's An Educatinal Party! Coach Tracy and Je'Nae Dance to "I Can" by Artist Nas

"It is my hope that we all will continue highlight and promote education in our community! I really hope these three young men and their families understand how much of an ispiration they are to people like me. They make it all worth it." Coach

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