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"CCYSO Teaches The Youth To Cross The Finish Line"

"CCYSO Track Program"

Hello community, if you haven't heard about "Cumberland County Youth Sports Organization" you need to look them up and see how you can help them continue to grow! They do an amazing job of keeping the youth and their parents active and positive. Cumberland County is an area that is in desperate need for programs like CCYSO. When I was able to visit one of their meets I saw smiling faces, youth and adults serious about their craft, and a professional yet competitive atmosphere.

"Cumberland County Youth Sports Organization (CCYSO) has 3 youth sports programs: 1- C.C. Empyreans Basketball(Seabrook), 2- C.C. Rebels 7on7/Flag Football slated for 2022, & 3- C.C. Knights Track & Field(Bridgeton). Our Track Season just closed out with our 1st Family & Friends Track Meet. The season was amazing!! I always wanted my own children to participate in Track. I even drove from Bridgeton to Pleasantville for 1 Season so that my oldest child would be able to participate under the same coach I had when I was younger, Coach Timothy Athill, Sr(Coach T.). Now with my own Organization, I didn’t even think twice about starting a track & field program. We had about 60+ children registered. All participants were taught the fundamentals of the sport. We also offered field events such as discus & shotput. For 2022, I am going to start signups in February to give parents ample time for registering. Also included will be the long jump, hurdles, and more distance events. This program wouldn’t have been successful without the volunteers taking time out of their personal schedules to make it happen. There is so much talent with our children & there are so many different organizations within Cumberland County to showcase this. I’m proud to say that, “I’m excited to see what 2022 has to offer our youth!” Per Madam President Robbi Ford

"Some Runners Getting Ready To Cross The Finish Line"

The thing that I really liked is that you couldn't tell that the kids were amateur's. They took every race and event to heart and gave it their all! Also, you can see that the youth are learning great leadership skills from their leaders and coaches'. I seen kids who had already finished their race walk around the track and encourage others to finish and do their best.

"Some Runners Prepping To Run"

" Its motivating my child loves it! All she does is run now and talk about track! It helps her confidence in other ways too! She has the lil engine that could mindset now." said a parent who wish to stay anonymous

I was also very impressed with the diversity of the athletes and how the track program brought so many people together of all races and backgrounds.

Please make sure you follow their Facebook page to stay updated on all the great things this powerful organization has coming up. They are also very active in the community in others ways. They have sponsored teams and helped serve the community in a variety of ways. Lets all pull together to make sure they can remain an important stable in our community of SJ. Their Madam President has a heart of gold and loves to give back and keep the youth off the streets.

"Madam President Robbi With A Basketball Team Her Organization Sponsored and They Won The Championship!"

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