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Congratulations, Ja’Zyra and Kestrell!!!

Congratulations to this marking period winners Ja’Zyra and Kestrell for their outstanding achievements in school. Ja’Zyra wins a gift bag with all kinds of cool prizes and Kestrell wins a Marvel Themed Scooter. We thank Rutgers University for this months prizes. Keep up the great work! Remember it is cool to be smart! Link to enroll your child below.

“God has blessed everyone with the ability to be average “c”, but with more effort and focus on your end it’s possible to achieve way more! Once you mastered being “average” you can “see” yourself getting a B or an A. Expand your understanding by having positive experiences and exposure outside of the norm. Once you “see” better you can expand your own perspective and vision for yourself.” Coach

#I am the standard not a statistic

#BEAAR mentality

#We are Royalty

#Positive Vibes Culture, Love and Diversity

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