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Congratulations to our 3 Champions of the Josephine Burks Memorial Trophy


Congratulations to our three "Josephine Burks Memorial Trophy" Champions on an excellent season. Thank you for all your dedication and hardwork over these past 3months. It was very awesome to see so many players develope their game and basketball IQ by season end. Each Championship game could have went either way and that always make it more fun. We salute the runner ups "Young Royalty Division 8-10 Blue" sponsored by NJ Motorsports coaches Rashima Surrency and Donald Carter. "Junior Royalty Division 11-13 Red sponsored by PBA 213" coaches Rashima Surrency and Donald Carter. "Senior Royalty Division 14-17 sponsored by BHS Airforce JROTC" coach Levi Feeney. Let's keep growing the game! 🐻👑🏀🌞


Positive Vibes Summer League is ran in Millville, NJ and is a sports branch of Positive Vibes Community Group. Fall Ball is currently taking registration and runs from August- October.


8-10 Young Royalty Division Champions sponsored by Quinn Broadcasting. Coaches Alexis Harrison And Mary Couch


11-13 Junior Royalty Division Champions sponsored by G's Automotive LLC and Color Magic. Coach JT Burks


14-17 Senior Royalty Division Champions sponsored Alpha and Omega Foods. Coached by Nehemiah Brown and Kemar Yancey

League banquet will be in October.

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