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We need to take care of our Senior Citizen's better.

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Stay tuned for our newest addition. Elderly L.U.V

Hello community,

has a new program for the Elderly in our communities called “Elderly L.U.V.” Loved...Understood...Valued... through our H.O.O.D. Community Program. We will create pen pal connections with our youth and Elders ( those who don’t have any family that helps them or talks with them), help them through community service (ex:light yard work and fix it jobs), feeding programs, grief talks after the loss of a spouse, read books with them, sing to them, visit them and much more! So if you work in that field and know elders that can benefit from this program feel free to message me on messenger or via txt 856-462-2184

#positive vibes better together

#taking care of those who paved the way and took care of us

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