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Definition Of A King Luncheon For Young Men

The Definition of A King Luncheon For Young Men was held Saturday February the 11th at Our Future First Reese's House in Millville, NJ. The boys learned what it meant to be a King over being a gangster. They learned about running a business, self awareness, self control, and many of the things that can make them productive citizens of the community. Leaders from the community spoke to them about their pitfalls and shortcomings. They gave them key strategies on how to overcome different obstacles life throws your way as a developing.

"We have to do so much more outside of athletics to help our young men be good people. They need to know they are loved, valuable and listened to." Coach


"Reese's House Building 66 Sassafras Ave"

Positive Vibes

#Our Future First

#Kings Over Gangstas

#Definition of a King 👑 🐻

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