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"Kings & Queens Painting"

Positive Vibes has a three-part philosophy called "We Are Royalty" with a girls group called Queens 2Be and boys group called Kings 2Be and Sports Brand/Team Royalty Basketball

  1. People of royal blood or status as a King or Queen.

  2. Royal Priesthood and a chosen generation.

  3. You get paid for the work you put in

So, they had a Kings & Queens themed paint night with the Millville Renaissance Art Center with directors Diane Rogers and Lisa Robinson

Everyone Pictured with Their Crowns They Made.

The Youth Focused on Their Craft.

"The Artist and Directors Left: Lisa Robinson Right: Diane Rogers"

Eager To Learn!

We Got To Learn So Many Cool Things!


#We are Royalty

#Kings & Queens Painting

#Positive Vibes Better Together

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