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Learn To Chill, Relax & Vibe

Hello community, in todays world it easy to forget and overlook the simple blessings of life. I believe this is why so many people are stressed out and depressed. Learn to chill, relax and vibe to preserve your own sanity and peace. When was the last time you took time out for a self care day? A family day? Or a day of rest and relaxation?

In my life what it means when I "vibe" is to find something to do that I love. Like talk with God, reflect on the beauty of nature, play some reggae music, spend time with my family, build a fire, read, meditate, walk the beach etc...anything that takes my mind off of the cares of the world. I know life can seem pointless at times, but if you sit and reflect you'll see just how precious it is. If you feel as though you can't find a reason to live help someone else find theirs and it will bless you in return. Giving back is one of the best "destressors" there is lol. Remember everyone has a positive vibe to offer to the world. You are here for a reason. So take time to take care of you! Love is the most powerful force in the world. With that being said make sure you love yourself. Don't worry be happy and find something positive and fun to do that will cheer you up.

JT Burks

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