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"Millville Assembly Blesses Positive Vibes"

Millville Assembly has an "Above and Beyond" outreach program that they use to bless people doing community outreach in Millville. Today they Blessed Positive Vibes Community Group on Fathers Day due to the work they do with young men. " We wanted to do this today on fathers day because we believe the work Positive Vibes does is important because they are molding young fathers of the future..." First Lady Lisa Dingle said.

( Left: First Lady Lisa Dingle Middle: Positive Vibes Pres. JT Burks and son Ozias Right: Pastor John Dingle)

"...we thank you all for blessing us it means a lot... people say what we do is community work but I see it as Gods work..." said JT Burks

The message preached today by Pastor Dingle was "Brave" reminding listeners to go out and 1. Be Right With God 2. Take A Stand

I really loved when he said "Braveness comes with the awareness that God is with you.” Pastor Dingle

It was a blessed atmosphere to be a part of where you can definitely feel the love of God working in and through the people at Assembly.

Millville Assembly

FB: Millville Assembly

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