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Millville PAL, Positive Vibes and CC Prosecutors Office Partner For Basketball Clinic


Cumberland County Prosecutors Office has partnered with Millville PAL Basketball and Positive Vibes Mentoring Program to reach Millville youth not only in sport, but in life. The goal is to reduce violence and gang activity amongst our youth. They have been introduced to great influencers like Coach Hakeem Pruit, Coach JT Burks, Officer Kenny Sharrets, Coach Aquarius Foster, Officer Reynolds and others of the Millville Police Department and Millville PAL Organization. There is three sessions where Positive Vibes I Am Great Mentoring "If You Can "C" You Can "See" Program starts the clinics off with mentoring and personal development information for an hour. It's for kids enrolled in the Millville PAL Basketball Program. They then do basketball skills and drills training for 2hours with Coach Hakeem Pruit. Millville PAL also provides refreshments after each session. The last session is planned for October 24th where the CC Prosecutors Office will cap things off with a pizza party! There have been over 40 different kids participate. Millville's has been so successful they had to cap attendance at the first 25 to sign in for that session! There has been plenty laughs, new experiences learned and just an overall great time.


Thanks to the New Jersey Department of Children and Families for grant funds to administer prosocial activities between youth and police in our community. Per the Prosecutors Office


Positive Vibes President JT Burks speaks with the youth prior to training for mentoring program.


Make sure you see all that these three powerful organizations have going on next by subscribing to their websites, social media and more.


"It is great to see a Prosecutors Office that takes pride in being proactive and not reactive. The preventive measures they take to make sure that Cumberland County is safe, positive and productive is inspiring. They partner with many organizations to help move Cumberland County forward for the youth and their families. They are second to none when it comes to caring about the people of their community. It's not just about prosecuting crimes but building meaningful relationships to prevent crime." Said JT Burks


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"Everyone has been blessed with a positive vibe. So make sure you share yours with the world to make it a better place. Everyone is equally important in the journey of life."

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