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Millville Supports Their Champs

The Millville 14u Girls softball team accomplished an inspiring championship run! Them winning the World Series has sparked so much positive energy into their city! It has helped so many take their minds off of the negativity for a moment to celebrate their greatness!

The Champs Are Here!!! ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†

(Clip From CBS News)

The girls received a police escort from their local Millville Police Department to their surprise celebration thrown by community members of the city of Millville. Shout out to Off. Kott and Chief Farebella for making this happen on short notice. This really made the girls feel like the champs they are.

Manager Musey Talks About The Journey To World Series

Millville Mayor Mike Santiago Congratulates The Team and Coaches

The Champs were greeted by a couple hundred on lookers who made signs, shirts and chants to show just how much the girls meant to them. Lets continue to support all of our girls and what they want to do!

The thing that makes this story so much more special is the Vineland 12u girls won the World Series too for their age group both in Florida!!! Both teams joined each others celebrations! That is so amazing in itself!

Salute To The Vineland Team

Whenever the team felt down this team mom special chant lifted their spirits.

B-O-L-T-S! BOLTS! Now Hammer time!

The two Ball Girls who the manger said played a key role in keeping the girls fresh in the Florida heat. We salute you young ladies too!

The girls got to do live on TV interviews with "The Catching Up With Coach Show" with Miranda, Je'Nae and JT

This was truly a testament of how another's accomplishment can bring us all together on one accord. We hope each and everyone involved felt appreciated by their community. Thanks team for allowing us to share some of your joy! Make sure you get your girls signed up they said they can use more girls.

Millville14u Blue and Vineland 12u Burgundy World Series Champs

Special Thanks! To the Millville Girls Softball Board/Coaches/Parents, Millville Police Department, Mayor Santiago, Quinn Broadcasting, DJ Tommy Clark lll (djnasty), Sam Cruz, Positive Vibes volunteers, Catching Up With Coach Show, CBS and Fox 29News.

#Millville Strong

#Girl Power

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#Positive Vibes Better Together

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