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Our President To Be Honored By Front Runner New Jersey

"President JT Burks"

"I want to thank Front Runner New Jersey for making me one of their honorees for the "Over 30 Under 40" people of the community making a difference. Big ups to God for this being His vision and mission and choosing me as a vessel. Humbled again that some one sees fit to acknowledge me for the work I do out of the heart. The work I do, is simply thank those who took me in and made an impact on my life when they didn't have to. They are the ones who taught me service and sacrifice. Spreading positive vibes is how I pay it all forward. The ones who helped me opened up their homes, wallets, gave life changing advice and more...This is for y'all! I would like to thank my whole Positive Vibes team that keeps me mindful of my health and motivated through their help, prayers and support." Statement From JT Burks

#Positive Vibes Culture, Love and Diversity

#Front Runner NJ

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