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Over 90+ Fed In The Rain By Positive Vibes Feeding Program

Thomas Bullock Carves Up A Turkey Prepared By Sam Nour


BBQ Cooked By Coach JT Burks


Azaziah Burks Serves Up Some Fresh Hot Chicken Soup


Rain can't stop noting. We Served over 90+ people! ☺️ Positive Vibes thanks everyone for their support. Being able to serve the community in a variety of ways gives us much pride. Thank you to our staff members Liddian, Thomas, Mario, Aquarius, JT and Youth leaders Azaziah and Zaiden

We give a special thanks to Ascenda Health and Shoanne Seijas for the donations and sponsorship.


November Feeding Program Sponsors

#Positive Vibes Culture, Love and Diversity

#We are Royalty

#Kings Over Gangstas

#Queens Over Hollow Heads

#Im the standard not a statistic

Some Coming Events

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