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Parent’s Invincible In Camden Honors our President

In honor of Fathers Day Parents Invincible had a dinner to honor and acknowledge men in the community for being inspirational fathers and community leaders.

"I would first like to thank God for His grace and mercy. God, through Christ by the Power of the Holy Spirit gave me the insight and vision for Positive Vibes. Although, I have been through a lot on this journey God still keeps it going. I know it's for what He wants to do for His children, not JT. Like I say always, I tip my hat and give the honor for the slew of mentors and guardians that helped me along the way. I fully understand they didn't have to. Most of them raised their own kids, had their own families, but they made a sacrifice to look out for me. So, paired with the vision God gave and paying it forward so to speak, you have what you see now. Then, I would like to thank Parents Invincible of Camden, NJ and my good brothers of Father to A Fatherless Generation Mike and Glen for honoring me as a community leader and inspirational father. Fatherhood is something I take very seriously. But, I acknowledge its a group effort when raising kids. It takes so many people and so many resources to keep them on the right path. So, I salute everyone who helps love, teach, coach, encourage and guide my sons Azzy and Oby. Much love, honor and respect. To God be the glory! As long as He say so I'll keep battling the ear against negativity come hell and high water. For the kids out there don't wait like I did to get older to appreciate the prayers, love, encouragement, guidance and correction. Embrace it now. You'll be glad you did. "

#Positive Vibes Culture, Love and Diversity

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