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Please Note Summer League Update

Hello Community, reminder while games are at Lakeside no non participating kids are permitted in gym without a parent. We will turn kids away. If you drop them off you must remain in gym with them.

Players that arrive prior to their game must sit in the second set of bleachers in full uniform and wait for their coaches instruction. Each game has a 15 minute start time. To either have enough players or have designated person for book and clock. If a team doesnt have all their players in time to start they will lose the game. If there is not at least 5 players to play game will be forfeited. Games can be played with 4players by league rule it is up to the opposing coach if they would run game 4v4 or 5v4

During game play no jewelry is permitted and jerseys must be tucked in. Players and cheerleaders who don't follow rules number will be reported to board and a game suspension will be handed out. Player and coach can appeal. But a meeting with board, parent and player must be had first before reinstatement.

Parents be reminded home team is responsible for clock and away team book. Please get involved to keep your players team from being assessed a penalty.

Players are not to talk to refs. Ref calls are final. Players that finish their game must leave if they don't have a parent or guardian to stay and spectate the other games. Thanks for your support and cooperation.


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