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Positive Vibes Fall Ball Ready To Tip Off

Positive Vibes Fall Ball is in the city of Millville, NJ

The kids will get to play at the new improved basketball courts at Waltman Park adopted by Positive Vibes Community Group

This is such a blessing for the community! (See how you can partner with Positive Vibes to help develop and improve the entire park)

In less than a weeks time we have already had hundreds of kids play on the courts! Games will be on Mondays and practice days depends on the coach. League is very affordable. Just 30$ to play!

I feel as though the baseball, football, soccer, and softball cultures are already established in the city. We have had many kids get opportunities for higher education from those sports continuously. Hopefully, if we can keep building the basketball culture to have training and games all year round we will see more basketball opportunities come our kids way. The dedication to basketball is terrible in Millville. Parents and players think they can be top notch ballers with one practice and non competitive games. The football culture for example is due to dedication from not the players that participate, but their parents. Parents will spend 2hrs Monday-Friday sometimes Saturday for football practice but complain about an hour basketball practice. Then want the same results. That will never work! I took it personal when middle and high school coaches told me players are coming to tryouts not knowing nothing about the sport or how to do basic drills. I definitely want to change that. For me it’s not about wins and losses but helping kids build knowledge for the game and love for the sport. People must understand just as much practice it takes to be a D1 player in any other sport it takes the same passion, dedication and practice to accomplish the same in basketball. The big thing is that a lot of youth and their parents don’t understand about the sport of basketball is it can take you all across the world to play. It’s the one sport where you can specialize in so many roles that college, pro, semi-pro, and across seas are always looking to fill. Like you hear said all the time scores come a dime a dozen. But teams always need rebounders, defends, set up players etc… the big thing in we need to understand is creating multiple opportunities for our youth. Everyone is not a football player. I have had kids tell me they want to do basketball more and it’s their favorite sports but their parents pressure other sports on them. People need to understand with a good gpa, character and work ethic basketball has schools that will come knocking too and you don’t have to beat your body up as much.” Coach JT said

Let the kids ball!

We also have mentoring programs, volunteer opportunities and community service opportunities.

#We are Royalty

#The Culture of Ball

#Positive Vibes Culture, Love & Diversity

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