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Positive Vibes Feeding Program Feeds Hundreds

Positive Vibes Community Group non profit organization of Millville fed over 200 people with hot food fresh of the grill. They cooked 8 slabs of ribs, 1 whole stuffed turkey, 100 burgers, 200 hotdogs, chips and drinks. The activity table was ran by 6yr old Ozias Burks, basic basketball dribbling was done by azaziah Burks and Jordan Couch. Over 50 kids came and played sandlot football, danced, ate and just had fun. The group is planning a big event for next month due to it being three years of the feeding program.

The group also had a bake sale for their Royalty Basketball Team. Over 100$ was raised! We thank the community for their continued support and encouragement. Big shout out to Sam Nour owner of Alpha and Omega Foods 15 E Green St Millville where he allows us to give back to the community. He also donates so much food and supplies to show his customers he's not just located in their community, but he cares for their wellbeing in general.

#positive vibes culture love and diversity

#HOOD helping our own destiny

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