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Positive Vibes Hits 7yrs

We at Positive Vibes Community Group have officially been a non profit organization for 7yrs now! I want to first thank God for the vision and supplying us with great people and resources to be a blessing to the community. It has been a hard fought journey to infuse the culture of positivity into the community. When we first started it was many naysayers who didn't believe we could change the culture of Millville. Look at God! Let it all be a testament of God's grace that it is possible to take back your communities. The group has been recognized all over the tri-state area, been honored multiple times and is considered a staple of the community. We believe in leading with love, peace, hope, understanding, grace & mercy.

" I may be the paint, someone else the brush and another the canvas, but together we can paint a beautiful picture." Coach

We love y'all! Thanks for all the support!

Salute to all our sponsors and donors over the years. With your help we have fed and clothed 1,000s, reached the youth in many ways and so much more...

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