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"Positive Vibes Honors Its Young Scholars"

Positive Vibes Community Group is all about uplifting the youth. One of the things President JT Burks observed growing up and from being involved in community work is that the kids get a lot of attention for the negative things they do, but little or no attention for the positive things they accomplish. So, when Sanya Brown a local teacher and Positive Vibes Staff Member approached him about doing a program for all the kids in Positive Vibes who made the Honor Roll and Principal's List, he was ecstatic with joy! She wanted to call it "Lets Taco Bout Good Grades" a honorary ceremony praising the kids for their academic success.

The community really pulled together to make this event a success! The kids got to read, get new books, hear their named called out and presented with a plaque and certificate. This event was hosted at The Inspiring YOU center on 10 E Broad St, Millville, NJ owner Willie White also donated a gift basket to a lucky raffle winner on behalf of the center.

Positive Vibes Assistant H.O.O.D. Director and local teacher herself Liddian Kinsey-Street gives the students and their guest so word of encouragement on their academic journey.

The students and their families got to enjoy some fresh tacos to go along with the theme of the night. We Thank El Burks for donating and making the tacos that everyone enjoyed!

We Thank Mrs. M's Books for donating the book sand Mr. McFarland for delivering a great community prayer.

Click On The Link To Hear From Our Madam Mayor Lisa Ordorf

We give a big shout out to our newly elected "First Woman" Mayor of Millville for taking the time to send the students a video encouraging them on their academic journey. She couldn't make it due to other obligations but was so proud of the students that she wanted to participate some way or another. This was a huge highlight of the evening. We also had special guest Millville School Board President Kim Carty and Millville Commissioner Joe Sooy. They also gave the youth words of inspiration to live by.


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