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Positive Vibes, Millville Code Blue and Trinity Hope Center Serve The Homeless in Millville


Salute to Millville Code Blue and the Trinity First Hope Center for partnering with our Positive Vibes Community Group for lunch today. We wore pins for “Homeless Awareness”. Over 80 people were fed! On the menu was Curry chicken, rice, meatballs, cabbage, macaroni salad, fried chicken, fresh baked chicken breast trips, fresh baked fish and desserts. We thank God for allowing us to be effective and efficient. Just to think they do this 6 days a week is amazing! They deserve so much respect and honor for taking care of our under served community the way they do. The thing I love the most is how’s it’s done with love and impartiality. Not only do they feed them, but provides shelter for them during cold nights. They take such joy in knowing everyone by name as well. It is my wish that we all can continue to put differences aside to help our fellow human family. We thank everyone who donated socks and blankets. They really appreciated your support. When you are hungry, tired, cold, hopeless and down and out nothing else matters but love. “Love is the most powerful force in the world.” Coach

Bringing Energy Against All Rivals

Todays rivals- hunger, homelessness and cold. We do our part by touching those who we can with full effort and no judgment. #BEAAR mentality


Kizzy Thompson Prepares Her Famous Fried Chicken


Faith Evans Helps Season The Fresh Cut Chicken Trips


A Glimpse Of The Hot Meal Prepared

The youth got involved too. Azaziah Burks 14 of Millville High School and one of Positive Vibes Youth leaders helped serve.

#Positive Vibes better together

#Positive Vibes Culture, Love and Diversity

#Millville Code Blue

#Trinity Hope Center

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