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Positive Vibes Serves The Community With Two Events "Fathers Unite" and "Ribs+Soup+Boxing"

Positive Vibes Board Member Mary Elizabeth Helps Serves Food To The Kids and Their Families At Fathers Unite For Change Toy Give Away"

Fathers Unite Event

Saturday December 17th Positive Vibes and Friends gave out over 200+ toys given out and the goal was 100 We cooked food gave out clothes and more!!! Salute to everyone who made this a huge success!

"3rd Annual Ribs+Soup+Boxing"


Sunday December 18th for Positive Vibes 3rd Annual Ribs+Soup+Boxing where over 200 people were fed. They also were able to watch the Eagles game. This was great experience with a bunch of laughs and trash talking. The staff made ribs, Soup, curry chicken, rice and meatballs. Kids and some adults got to learn some basic boxing skills by amateur trainer Turtle.

#taking back our communities

#Peace Love and Happiness

#Merry Christmas

#The Standard not a statistic

#love is the most powerful force in the world

#Positive Vibes Culture, Love and Diversity


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