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Positive Vibes Summer League Tips Off

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Saadiq Williams Let's A Three Fly

Positive Vibes Summer League In Millville, NJ a sports branch of Positive Vibes Community Group tips off its season this past weekend with some action packed games. The League has grown to 16 teams and over 30 cheerleaders, keeping over 200 kids occupied with a positive activity for the next 10 weeks!

The support from the community was beautiful over 300+ people came out to watch and cheer on the games. The league thanks everyone for their support of the concession stand where the proceeds go to pay referee fees. The league is made up of four age groups/divisions "Baby Royalty Division" for ages 5-7yr "Young Royalty Division" for ages 8-11yr "Junior Royalty Division" for ages 12-14yr "Senior Royalty Division" for ages 15-17yr

We have a philosophy at Positive Vibes "that we all are Royalty. Kings and Queens born and built for a purpose. We are chosen to make positive change. Also, a 'Royalty" is a reward for the work you put in. We are the standard not a statistic. Meaning, we are more than just numbers and data to be collected and studied. We know who we are and that we belong." The biggest thing is to grow the love of the game in Millville and keep it around for many years to come. "Coach JT

The Pleasant Addition of The Baby Royalty 5-7yr Division

The Little Ones Training For The Season. They All Train Together For Their Age Group On Wednesdays 5-6pm Union Lake

The Little Ones Learning Sportsmanship

Coach JT, Coach Mary, Coach Willie help the kids line up and learn how to play offense and defense.

Caleb Walks Off Like A Boss During Half-Time

Coach Willie of Inspiring YOU Family Center of Millville helps the kids learn the game.

The New Positive Vibes Cheerleaders

We would love to thank our cheer coaches Coach Vae, Coach Kizzy and Coach A for stepping up to make it possible for girls who love to cheer. They are separate from our girls support and mentoring program Queens 2Be ran by Tracy Cornish.

Girls getting ready for their first real games

To prep for the season the girls worked very hard starting in the cold, they did a practice cheer at one of our Youth Vs Adults games, and they presented a trophy at our Flag Football Game Youth V Drugs Guns and Gangs 6

The girls did an awesome job and really added to the atmosphere of the games. Great job to all involved.

First Action

Coach Zy of Wisdom Wise Training Calls A Time Out To Get His team Refocused.

Some Players Getting Ready For The Season A Couple a weeks Before Start Of Games

Tion Drives To The Rim For A Reverse Lay-up Saturday

AJ Makes a Nice Block On The Ball