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Positive Vibes Tips Off "I AM Great BBall Camp 5"

Positive Vibes Community Group has been doing the "I AM Great Basketball Camp" for the past 5yrs in Millville, NJ. They have trained over 200+ different kids of all skill levels and ages. The great part about the camp is that it always includes guest speakers and demonstrations to help steer the youth in a positive direction. One of the main focuses of the camp is to remind young people that they have the ability to be great. In hopes to keep them out of gangs, off of drugs, and focused in school.

(Principle Payne Speaks With The Kids)

"All kids need is a chance and proper adult attention and they'll thrive. Its all about helping them build a strong self image. Confidence in self is key. In this camp basketball is a bonus its about mentoring through athletics. When you have camps its not about skill but personal development and exposure to something new. " said Coach JT Burks

Our Camps Affirmation Chant "I AM GREAT!!!"

It is our hope that if we keep the youth involved in positivity, constantly and be consistent we will be able to develop their young impressionable minds to become positive adults.

Day 2 of camp was rained out so the campers got to play games inside at the "Inspiring You Family Center" 10 E Broad ST Millville ran and owned by Willie White

Lets continue to help our youth and their families be the best they can be!

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