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Positive Vibes Trip To New England Was a "Giant" Size Of Fun

This past weekend some of Positive Vibes Community Group took a site seeing trip to Sleeping Giant Park in Connecticut. On the trip they got to see so many cool things. The group climped up rocks on their way to the top of the mountain peak. They brazed the cold weather and rain. It was an hour and half hike to the top filled with laughs, slips, challenges and wellness breaks lol.







The Group gathers under a pavilion to get warm and shelter from the rain.


"I never knew climbing mountains and hiking could be so fun!"

"This is way better than just being home playing video games."

Said best friends Louis (left) and Azaziah (right)

Ozias second guesses going to the top of the tower.

The goal was to get to the top of the Sleeping Giant tower castle.


"They say it is nothing like New England in the Fall. So, I had to see for myself. I'm truly amazed." Coach JT


#Positive Vibes Culture, Love and Diversity

#Get out and explore

#Sleeping Giant Park Connecticut

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