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Positive Vibes Wilding In WildWoods Group Trip

Some of Positive Vibes Community Group and Friends visited WildWoods Splash World for their group trip “Wilding In WildWoods”

The trip was planned by Trip Coordinator Sharee Logan. It was a “splash” of fun and laughs. The staff was absolutely amazing! They put us up in our own private section and constantly checked on how we were enjoying the festivities.

“Shout Out To The Family Visiting From Massachusetts For Letting Us Play With Them Before We Hit The Park”

More trips, events and programs are being planned! If you would like to volunteer fill out a contact form and you can always sign your kids up as well. Subscribe to the website to stay updated on all we have going on. Follow us on Social Media Positive Vibes Community Group FB and positive_vibes_856 IG

“Thanks To Roger For All The Help”

#Positive Vibes Better Together

#Positive Vibes Culture, Love and Diversity.

#Wilding In WildWoods

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