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Positive Vibes Youth Leadership Group

Election Of New Officers

Based off of their election of officers tonight. They also voted to make offices a 6month term. “Positive Vibes Youth Leadership Group" Madam President: Je’Nae Lawson Vice President: Marzine Johnson Chairwoman of Education and Strategic Planning: Chloe Vice Chairwoman: Aniah Price Chairman of Youth Sports: Hayden Stauble Vice Chairman of Youth Sports: Jerrell Burks Chairman of Creative Thinking: Levi Feeney-Childers Vice Chairman: Jah Thompson Fashion Coordinators: Marzine Johnson Jr and Hayden Stauble Ceo Lawson Vacuuming: James Lawson Teen Girls Coordinator: Kaylis Sadler Teen Boys Coordinator: Jaden Dayton Catching Up With Coach-youth hostess/producer Je’Nae Lawson Elderly L.U.V.-youth assistants Gary Jones, Devonte and Donte H.O.O.D- youth assistants Johnnie Anderson & Azzy Burks Summer League: Tyler Harris & Mike Bullock Royalty Basketball: Boys-Savion Jones & Dante Selover Girls-JU JU & Andrel Martin #positive vibes better together ❤️ #not just the future but right now #Kings over ganstas #Queens 2 Be #we are Royalty #the standard not a statistic Positive Vibes Youth Leadership Group- learning how to lead the right way.

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