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Powerful Speakers Set Up For I AM Great Camp

Hello community, it’s only about 5 spots left to RVSP for our annual “I AM Great Basketball Camp6” each year we have powerful guest speak life into the campers after each day of camp. Here goes the powerful line up for this year!!! Your child will be forever impacted by the words of inspiration they each share! Monday Madam Mayor Orndorf of Millville, Albert Porter, Tuesday Tim Alexander, Wednesday Tina Holmes, Thursday Tracey Wells-Huggins and Friday Ivelise Perez

Our Very Special Guest Madam Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-MCcrae will be starting the camp of with her words of encouragement and wisdom Monday 5:30pm

#Coloring Our World With Positivity

#Positive Vibes Better Together

#Taking Back Our Communities

#BEAAR Mentality


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