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"Royalty Basketball The Culture Of Ball"

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

We Are Royalty is a 3-part philosophy and way of teaching from the perspective of Coach JT Burks, who believes one of the most effective ways of mentoring is through athletics. "Everything I do is to inspire our people to understand we come from “Royalty”. Plus, you get paid for the work you put in multiple ways...A “Royal "priesthood as the Bible states. We are Kings and Queens! I am the standard not a statistic! When you are blessed, you act blessed, you talk blessed, you walk blessed and you live blessed!" Coach JT Burks

Part 1- A member of a royal family having the status of a King or Queen.

Part 2- Getting pain for the work you put in.

Part 3- A Royal priesthood and a chosen generation

Above: Our Royalty Boys 2021 13u Tournament Championship Team Picture Below: Our 2021 Lady Royalty GB2 Team Before Their Tournament in North Jersey Where They Placed 3rd

"Community Support"

Top: Honorable Judge Demetrica Todd-Ruiz Bottom: Honorable Judge Jason Witcher

Left: Coach JT with check from Millville PAL Center: Players Azaziah Burks and Jazeer Thompson with Pastor Ralph Graves of Cornerstone Community Church who congregation donated our 2021 Uniforms Right: Previous Head Coach of Millville High School Basketball Coach Jones

We always appreciate the love and support we get from our parents, schools, donors and opposing programs.

"Equipment We Were Able To Get With Donations, Our Donated Sponsor Banner and With Our Donated Royalty Shirts "

"Top: Where It All Started With Royalty 1-2nd and 4-5th grade Basketball Teams 2016 and 2018 Below: Lady Royalty GB2 4-5th and 6th-7th grade 2018 and 2019 "

"When The Girls First Started, They Would Practice and Play Games Vs The Boys"


"Sincere Work Allows Greatness aka SWAG Do you have swag? Don't say you want to be great if you're not willing to put the work in!"

"Tournament Memory Lane"

"Some Of Our Team Philosophies"

TCOB The Culture Of Ball- meaning we don't complain or worry about the elements, refs, other teams etc... We just show up to ball and don't make excuses but adjustments and let the chips fall where they may.

"The Goal Is To Get Our Players To Play In College and Earn A Degree"

Our goal at Royalty Basketball is to teach our players about life and basketball. We thank all our community sponsors for making it all possible! So many of our players have made their respective school's teams (the first goal we set for our players), have great grades, working and are on the path to a college career.


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"16 Tournament We Have Planned For Late Spring"

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