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Sponsor Highlight 💡 of The Day is Positive Vibes Community Group is a local non profit in Millville, NJ that serves the community in a variety of ways. Positive Vibes is not only a non profit, but an adult support group. We understand that the best way to help our youth is to make sure their parents and guardians are holistic as well. The foundation is built on volunteerism, culture, love, diversity, peace, hope and mercy/grace. The group has been honored and acknowledge all throughout NJ for it's work. We offer mentoring, the great outdoors education, community service, youth sports, trips and third party intervention services. They are also the founders of the league.

Programs are:

I Am Great Mentoring with

Queens 2 Be Group for girls

Kings 2 Be Group for boys

Elderly LUV support for the elderly

HOOD (helping our own destiny) old school love thy neighbor type program with community feeding and outreach.

Recreational Basketball Summer and Fall

Royalty Basketball- girls and boys AAU program

Catching Up With Coach TV Show

Contact: JT Burks 856-462-2184


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