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Strong Reading Program

Positive Vibes Community Group Strong Readers Program Yesterday 📚📚📚👑🐻

Azaziah won both games of UNO 😂

Key words Were…









“Colonize “

Readers learned about potential occupations as a field guide and scientists. They learned how to use context clues for reading comprehension, how to look up and define words they don’t know or understand to increase their knowledge and expand their vocabulary.

Next topic will be on Ecosystems picked by Adrian

Azaziah, Ozias, Faith, Adrian, Alexander, Kirkland and Jacob earned 10 Bear 🐻 Points

Once our reading program participants reach 100 Bear 🐻 Points (attendance) they will have their name put in a drawing for a 50$ gift card 💳

Register at this link for you and your child to join the club

#Power To Read! Power To achieve!

#Read Research and Challenge

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