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Summer League Remaining Schedule

Hello community, here is the remaining schedule. We thank everyone for a competitive fun regular season which ends after games on Thursday.

Week 8

June 26th Monday

6pm 8-10yr (H) Reggie Vs (A)Burks

7pm 11-13yr (H) Willie Vs (A) Burks

8pm 14-17yr (H) Levi Vs (A) Kemar

June 29th Thursday

6pm 8-10yr (H)Surrency Vs (A) Harrison

7pm 11-13yr (H)Surrency Vs (A) Couch

8pm 14-17yr (H)Harrison Vs (A)Burks

Week 9 I Am Great Camp July 3rd, 5-7th 6:30-8:30pm City Park

No Games so teams can prepare for playoffs

Week 10 RD 1 Playoffs

July 10thMonday

6pm 2seed vs 3seed 8-10yr

7pm 2seed vs 3seed 11-13yr

8pm 2seed vs 3seed 14-17yr

July 14th Friday

6pm 1seed vs 4seed 8-10yr

7pm 1seed vs 4seed 11-13yr

8pm 1seed vs 4seed 14-17yr

Week 11 Championship Monday

July 17th City Park

6pm 8-10yr Young Royalty Division

7pm 11-13yr Junior Royalty Division

8pm Senior Royalty Division

All-Star Selects play Vineland and Bridgeton

Banquet end of October when Fall ball ends


Defense Player of Year

Offensive Player of Year

Sportsmanship Award

BEAAR Mentality

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