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“Vineland Honors Pacheco”

Isiah “Pop” Pacheco was drafted by the Kansa City Chiefs. He stared and thrived as a youth football player at Vineland Midgets Football and Vineland Senior High. He went on to play at Rutgers University and thrived there as well, earning him the opportunity to be drafted into the NFL! Isiah being drafted has been an inspiration to so many in the SJ area. I believe his story will inspire many other youth to pursue their dreams and higher education

Isiah Pictured With His Parents

Isiah At The Draft Combine

There was a parade in his honor and he received the “Key To The City”

Senator Testa, Mayor Fanucci and Dr Elizabeth Arthur

Local Female Rap Artist Von J Performs At the Celebration

There was a lot of people who came out to support Isiah on his big day. We all wish you well Pacheco! Continue to do big things!

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