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This day of Women’s History Month, we wish to celebrate one of Cumberland County’s own trailblazers of this decade.

Demetrica Todd – Ruiz, who is also known as the first African American Female Judge in Vineland Municipal Court of NJ.

Mrs. Todd – Ruiz is a delightful, charismatic, leader in her own right who mentors, leads, models true dedication, innovation, professionalism, and most of all, realism in her community.

She is a former resident of Bridgeton, NJ & is a Bridgeton Public School District Alumni. She has served on several boards over the last 20 years in various counties. She is an advocate of equality in the justice system and an advocate of education.

Mrs. Todd – Ruiz is known to present her childhood upbringing at various community-based programs she participated in. Some of those at programs include the Double Dutch 4h Clubs, Tin Can programs, and more. She also chronicles her life experiences & lessons with friends in Bridgeton and her upbringing with her family.

Contrary to what some may think, Demetrica is the most down to earth woman to hold such a prestige office in society. She is a loyal friend, a dedicated mother and wife, a leader, a member Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporate, a consultant, an organizer, and most of all, a woman God called to fulfill such a major purpose in her society. She is one of those people that instead of leaving her community after achieving success, she chose to stay and invest her gifts, her purpose, her money, her family, and her time, right in the very place many of her dreams began.

We at Positive Vibes salute you this day, as our female "Positive Highlight" “Mrs. Demetrica “Meech” Todd – Ruiz.

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