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Women Shoot 2

Positive Vibes Community Group of Millville NJ hosted an event called "Women Shoot 2" women's shooting class and hunting seminar December 27th in SJ.

The women received lessons from some members of the "Black Country Gun Club" Jon, JT and Sean Burks. They learned how to operate and handle a firearm in a safe manner, how to clean a firearm, the difference in each gun and ammunition needed for different purposes.

"One of the biggest challenges was getting the women to get over the fear of the noise and kick back." said Jon Burks

Renee Riley Shoots a Thompson High Powered Rifle With 30-06 Rounds

Positive Vibes HOOD director Mario and Positive Vibes Elderly LUV Director Aquarius Foster try their luck and she almost gets knocked off her feet lol

Chantel Martin Gets Set To Aim, Ready and Shoot!

Tracey Harris Learns How Use The Safety Before She Gets Ready To Shoot

There was a friendly shooting competition between the women in which Renee Riley won the prize for shooting the most flying targets.

One of Positive Vibes goals is to expose community members to new adventures and activities. The group has more events like this planned for 2022. You can follow and like Positive Vibes Community Group on Facebook and positive_vibes_856 on Instagram.

"The Women Even Braved The Elements"

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