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Youth Vs Drugs, Guns and Gangs 8 Brings Coaches, Parents, Officers, Elected Officials together for a Great Cause

VMFL President Coach Derrick Williams Speaks With The Youth

Youth Vs Drungs, Guns and Gangs is an idea introduced by Coach JT Burks President of Positive Vibes Community Group in Millville. The essence of the event is to use competitive flag football as a means to teach the youth a better way of living in the inner cities plagued by drugs, guns, gangs and violence. Using red and blue is to let the kids know they don’t have to be enemies or be segregated by meaningless colors. During this event they are taught to work together, focus in school, be advocates in their communities, stay away from street culture and understand their future is up to them be it positive or negative. Kids from all over South Jersey participated. Over a 100 in total!

Vineland Police Chief Pedro Casiano Speaks to the Youth

Pictured above is Vineland Police Chief speaking with the youth and officers participating in the Adults vs Youth Championship game. This is another part of the event that is important to the organizers. It is to show support and solidarity from the police to the community and the community to the police department. The plan is to help cultivate a better relationship between the youth and their families with their local police departments.

Vineland Mayor Anthony Fanucci speaks with the youth and throws out the first ceremonial pass

Chris Wilson Speaks To Youth

“GREAT FUN in thee ICONIC city of Vineland Vineland City! VMFL hosted 2 great events yesterday! Starting with the 8th Annual YOUTH AGAINST DRUGS, GUNS, and GANGS Flag Football game!!! Positive Vibes Community Group CEO JT Burks brother keep being innovative you will always have my support also Prez Derrick Williams Vineland Midget Football League #VMFL Sound Mind Sound Body of NJ Victor M. Jimenez Darrel Chestnut Jr. brought the messages to all the players that participated, and a great message it was!!! We would like to thank the GREAT MAYOR of our city Anthony Fanucci for never forgetting where he comes from and POURING into our youth of our city! We thank you for coming out to support, which you ALWAYS DO! He even threw out the CEREMONIAL FIRST PASS!!! Pics below!! Major shout and thanks to Vineland, NJ Police Department Police Chief Pedro Cassiano who threw out the first pass to the Blue team. He has shown up the last 2 years for this event in FULL SUPPORT of the message and helping us change fhe CULTURE and MINDSET some have of law enforcement! Chief we thank you for pouring in as well to the youth!!! Vinelands Police officers actually played the game with the YOUTH this year for the first time TO BRIDGE THE GAP!!! We had FOUR Vineland Officers Lieutenant Danny Latorre (Nickname is HURTS now) Sergeant Justin Levari (Nickname is Big Tree) had some great defensive plays and a TD Officer Ismael Santiago (Nickname Playmaker)and Officer Christopher Patton (Nickname Wes Welker) 😂😂😂 We thank all the officers that came out!! They beat the youth surprisingly but we will get them NEXT YEAR!!!But where was Millvilles Officers 😂😂😂 we will see next year if they show up 😂😂😂 There was alittle trash talking going on!!!!!!!! Thank you to the President of Vineland City Council Dr Elizabeth Arthur for coming and staying to the end with the youth! You are so appreciated for coming by! Tyrell Powell Ryant Maven Tyler Habersham-Agbemenu thanks for coming to be an inspiration to the players! To all volunteers AJ, Quan Johnson Nate Turnupking Offer was running like Adrian Peterson out there 😂😂😂and parents that supported!!! VMFL is stronger than ever Shout to Derrick Williams for keeping the legacy ALIVE BABY!!! THANK YOU TO Kevin on the photos Mona Roache-Kennedy and Lesley Cook we love you two!!!” Chris Wilson

Community Unity

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