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LeQuint Allen Jr Youth Football Camp Directives

Attn: 🚨🚨🚨

Reminder players, parents, coaches, vendors etc… please try your best to be at the field at 10am for registration/check (for insurance and safety purposes) in 2 N Sharp St Millville, NJ for the “LeQuint Allen Jr Youth Football Camp” “Cheer Camp” is connected to this event as well. This way we can start drills at 11am and have a productive two hours of training and instruction. Water and lunch will be provided for all the participants.

Coaches we will do a walk through at 10:30am so each coach can be placed at a station or set up a station unique to your coaching style.

Drills will rotate every 10 minutes with periodic water breaks for players and coaches. Let’s have a fun and safe camp! We salute Quint for using his platform to reach back and inspire the next class of players coming up behind him.

(If GPS take you some where else it’s behind Lakeside Middle school at the Holly City Football complex)

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Thank you for letting me and my boys know about this football camp, they had a great time ..

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